Today’s laser therapies can provide effective long-term removal

The latest laser hair removal therapies represent a safe and effective option for those who are not satisfied with traditional methods such as shaving, plucking, and hot waxing. Once laser hair removal treatments are complete, the patient’s skin has that smooth silkiness that is often associated with a close shave. A primary advantage of laser therapy is that, unlike a close shave, the hair does not immediately start to grow back.

Laser therapy is one of the longest-lasting means of hair removal. Treatment plans that span multiple visits tend to be the most effective. Laser therapy uses pulses of light to effectively remove dark hair from many parts of the body including the upper lip, chin, full face with neck, full neck, bikini line, legs, arms, ab line, full back, and more. Full body treatments are also available. Regardless of the target area, it is best to plan for multiple sessions to fully address the long-term removal of unwanted hair.

How does laser hair removal therapy work?

The best med spas offer laser hair removal using an 808 diode laser. The beam from the laser is used to emit light pulses that damage the bulb that forms the base of the hair follicle. This bulb is the part of the follicle where living cells divide to build the shaft of hair, which ultimately results in hair growth. The growth process slows or stops when the hair bulb is impeded – this is what makes laser therapy so effective in the longer term.

Is laser therapy safe?

Laser therapy is widely used and has been proven to be safe. Of course like other therapies, laser hair removal is safest when it is administered by a trained medical professional. For this reason, when searching for a provider it is important to choose a med spa that is staffed by fully trained technicians and that use state of the art equipment.

How long does it take?

Results vary from person to person, but most patients will start to notice less hair after their second or third laser therapy treatment. Medical spas usually recommend 6-8 treatments for more permanent hair reduction. Learn more. The goal following the final treatment is for hair growth to be stopped or significantly reduced, leaving smooth skin that requires little to no effort when it comes to ongoing hair removal.

Is laser hair removal expensive?

Laser therapy pricing will vary according to factors such as the part of the body to be treated and the number of treatments involved. Generally speaking it is quite a bit more expensive than simpler methods like shaving and tweezing, but it is also much more effective in reaching long-term hair reduction goals.

Where can I get laser therapy for hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatments can be found at the best med spas nationwide. When administered by a trained medical professional, laser therapy can provide a safe and long term solution to hair reduction and removal. For more detailed information about laser hair removal, check out:


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